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Order securely online from March 2 - April 20, 2020.

1. Log into

2. Enter School ID: GAR054

3. Follow the instructions to order online.

4. If the pack you are looking for is not listed, please email
and you will be contacted with payment information.

5. Please order for the grade your child will be in September 2020.

Supplies will be available for pick up on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at the Garden City Middle School Cafeteria from 9AM - 1PM.

This is a general starter kit for each grade level. Additional supplies may be required by individual teachers. Please note that Middle School Kits only include 1/2" binders for language. Binders for Middle School core subjects are not included in the kits and can be purchased separately.

School Supplies FAQ:

Will my child need more supplies in September?
School grade packs are compiled by your child's school and should sufficiently cover all your child's school supply needs. However, from time to time teachers will request additional items they require in their classroom. Generally, these requests are not across all grade classrooms, and therefore, are not included in the grade level pack. In addition, pack lists are compiled in 6+ months before the start of the school year and changes take place requiring an additional item or two.

What if an item breaks or is missing from my school supply box?
All school supplies are 100% guaranteed. If your pack is missing an item on the pack list in the box or if it breaks during the school year, please contact  Randi Hirschheimer, our EPI sales representative at

Why don't the GCMS packs include binders?
Packs for grade 6-8 are designed include the essential school supplies. Because many students at that age like to "pick their own" binders, we have given parents options. If you wish to purchase binders for a middle school student, select the add on option to the pack for the binders to your order. Simply select ONE of the binder options for your child.


For any questions or concerns, please contact PTA School Supplies Chairpersons at: