Make A Nomination


Serving on a Nominating Committee is an exceptional opportunity for PTA members to have a voice in selecting the Executive Committee members.  Executive Committee members volunteer their time and talents to help maintain PTA sponsored programs, enhance the educational experiences of our children, promote family engagement, and advocate for every child.

The charge to the Nominating Committee is "to find the best possible nominees for the office of the association".


Nominating Committee Consists Of:

  • High School, Middle School, Stewart & Stratford - 2 Representatives
  • Hemlock, Homestead & Locust - 1 Representative
  • PTA Executive Board - 2 Representatives and 1 Alternate

Nominating Committee Members Should:

  1. Include both experienced and ongoing leadership as well as newer members.
  2. Be elected on merit and ability.
  3. Be aware of the importance of their assignment.
  4. Have knowledge of PTA unit/council goals, purposes and programs.
  5. Have knowledge of potential nominees' qualifications and abilities.
  6. Give objective consideration to find the best qualified leaders for the PTA.
  7. Use sound judgement in evaluating possible nominees.
  8. Be tactful, have integrity and use discretion.

Selecting Nominees

The committee's responsibility is to nominate the best qualified nominee for each office.

  • Any PTA member may suggest the names of persons to be considered. However, the committee is not bound by such recommendations.
  • Think carefully about possible nominees: their qualifications, their ability to work well with others and if they have sufficient time to do the job.
  • Develop a tentative slate of officers with possible alternatives for each office to be filled. Unanimous consent is desirable, but only a majority is needed for someone to be considered a nominee and asked to accept the position.
  • Keep all deliberations of the nominating committee completely confidential.

Qualifications Needed for Executive Committee Positions

  1. Nominee is a Garden City PTA member.
  2. Nominee is active in the school community.
  3. Nominee is able to work for the good of all children.
  4. Nominee is able to work with others toward the goals of the PTA.