Irvin Simon & Island Photography will be taking photos at your child's school. 

Photo retake days
Friday, November 8th - Homestead, Locust, Stewart and Middle School Photo Retake
Friday, November 15th - Hemlock Photo Retake
Friday, November 22nd - Stratford Photo Retake

For additional information about school photos, read Photography FAQ below.

We hope you are satisfied with your child's portraits.
Our school photo fundraiser supports PTA programs in each of our seven schools.

Contact our PTA Photograhpy Chairs at




K-8th Grade

When will I receive my child’s proof?

You will receive an email from us with a code to view and order your child’s photos approximately four weeks from picture day.

What if I don’t like the portrait? 

Our pictures are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied or delighted, we will re-photograph your child on your school’s retake day. You can also return your portraits to us for a full refund.

How do I order more pictures?

To order more pictures, please visit, enter your child's photo code noted on your proof and it is good for a year.

Is there a discount for more than two children?

Amazing family plan! Third, fourth and fifth child are free. Follow these instructions:

  1. Visit:
  2. Complete the Family Plan Form before placing your order.  For each student enter School and Child Name.
  3. Within 2 business days, you will receive your individual one-time use coupon code.
  4. Then, using your Coupon Code, place your order at for 3 or more students in the same family.

Can packages be shipped to the home address?

Packages are shipped directly home with a cost of $2.95 for postage.  You will receive an email confirmation and a tracking number with your order.  

How long will it take to receive my photos?

We typically print and ship orders within 48 hours of placing the order.

What if I am missing pictures? 

If you have a problem with your order, please make an online request.

What if my question is not answered?

Please contact us at (800) 540-4701 or submit an online request.

Irvin Simon Online Order Process.pdf


9th-11th Grade

Q: How long will it take for my school photos to appear on-line?

A: Photos generally will be available for viewing within 7 business days of picture day. 

You can be alerted by email as soon as the photos become available if you pre-register here:

Q: How can I view my school photos on your website?

A: Once photos from your photo day are available for viewing online, you will be able to access your proofs with the PIN that we provide. The PIN can be found either on the paper order form that you received through the mail or in the email we sent you alerting that your proofs were available. Once you have your PIN, visit our website and click on “School Portraits” and then "View Your Photos". You will be prompted for your PIN number and name.  Click “Continue” and you will see your proofs.

If you do not know your PIN number, please contact our Customer Service Department at (516) 767-1234.

Q: What is my pin number?

Each student is assigned their own pin number(Personalized Identification Number) which will give them access to their photos. This pin number is located on the top of the order form on the right hand side in red.

On your email, it is located under your child’s photo on the bottom right corner

Q: How do I order the photos?

A: Once you reach your proof page, click on the photo that you wish to order. On the upper right hand side of the page, above the enlarged thumbnail of your chosen picture, is a button that says “Continue”. Click that and it will bring you to our order form.

Q: Do you have a family discount?

A: Yes! Discounts are available for families with more than three children living in the same household. Pay full price for the two children and receive a free package of equal or lesser value for the additional children. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How much do the photos cost?

A: We have competitive prices and offer a wide range of affordable package options. Prices are included with your photo proofs sent in the mail and can also be viewed on our website.

Q: Can packages be split between different poses?

A: Our packages are designed to provide the best value, giving you the most for your money. Value packages provide multiple copies of a single pose and cannot be split between multiple images.

The exceptions to this are the online-exclusive “Mix-n-Match” packages. In addition, “a la carte” options are available if you wish to order poses separately. If you are ordering a value package, you also have the option of adding additional prints of other poses as Add-On Packages. We also offer multi image collages.

Q: How do I select one of the Add-On packages I see on the order form? It isn’t showing up on the order page.

A: Once you select your first picture and choose a package to “Add to Cart,” the website will take you to a page showing Add-on Package options “you may also be interested in.” On this page, check off the items you would like to add and click Continue. The next page lets you choose from all of your child’s images and “Drag and drop” the image you want for each Add-on.

If you are having trouble with this feature, please contact our Customer Service Department at (516) 767-1234 to place your order over the phone.

Q: Can I crop my own photos?

A: Yes! Once you have added the photos you are purchasing to your cart, it will give you the option to crop each print to your specifications. If you wish to make changes, you are able to zoom in as well as adjust the alignment of the photo.

Q: I like a photo, but I want a different background.

A: If your child was photographed on “green screen” (i.e. there are images of him or her on a solid blue or solid bright green background) you have the option of choosing from hundreds of different backgrounds online for any of the poses you see. Otherwise, a background change would be considered custom retouching. Please contact our Customer Service Department at (516) 767-1234 for more information

Q: I don’t like any of the photos. Can my child have another sitting?

A: A retake day may be scheduled at the school, which should be listed on your school calendar. Seniors may be required to make an appointment for additional sittings. We also take pictures in our studio on specific days during the year. There is a $10 sitting fee for all senior retake appointments. All underclass retakes in our studio are free of charge. Call our Customer Service Department at (516) 767-1234 for more information.