The Interview Committee is a group of PTA members that aid in the interview process for new hires to our district.  Garden City Public Schools is unique in that it invites caregivers of children currently enrolled in GCPS to serve on interview committees.  Serving on this Committee is an exceptional opportunity to have a distinct voice in the hiring of teachers and administrators: persons who are directly responsible for the safety and education of our children every day.


The office of the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel convenes interview committees throughout the school year comprised of parents, teachers, and building administrators.  They represent the initial phase of the district’s hiring process. Interview Committees usually meet after school, Mondays through Thursdays, beginning at approximately 3:30 pm and convenes for 1-2 days, about 2-3 hours per day.  Volunteers are expected to commit to the entire interview session.

No interviewing experience is necessary however you are required to attend an interview training workshop offered by the district.  The district offers Interview Training Workshops every year, usually in the fall. The district training workshop addresses question development and techniques.

The Executive Vice President coordinates volunteers and notifies all volunteers of the dates and times for interviews.