High School - Your Support in Action 16-17

Your support of PTA
through your annual membership and participation in our fundraising effort means so much to the High school and the entire district.

This year the PTA sponsored High School programs, events, and grants totaling over $25,000 – many of which are included in the list below. We would like to highlight two of these accomplishments:
  • Congratulations to thirty-one seniors who received PTA-SEPTA Senior Awards last night. PTA’s contribution to the awards was $9,500 this year.
  • GCHS has benefited greatly from PTA Grants over the years and this year is no exception. We are very excited for the $10,000 MakerSpace Grant that will expand on the program initiated by the HS Librarian, Ms. DelGuidice-Calemmo and Principal, Mrs. McLaughlin.
The myriad of events and programs we participated in this year at the High School include:
Freshman Orientation Photos
Back-to-School Night
Freshman BBQ
PVC Events
PTA Meeting Presentations
Choices and Consequences Assembly
Winthrop Explorers Program
College Major Night
Breaking Points Movie Presentation
12 Grade Party and Skit Night
CPR Training
Safe Driving Campaign & Poster Contest
"It Can Wait" AT&T and Jacy Good "Hang Up and Drive" Student Assembly
"No Empty Chair" Student Assembly
Courage to Speak Presentation
Highlights on Student Clubs
Academic Student Support Chart
Photo Days 
Parent University
Curriculum Meetings
Health & Safety Meetings
Site-Based Meetings
Staff Appreciation Day
National PTA Reflections Program
MakerSpace PTA Grant
Five Kindles for HS Library - PTA Grant
Senior Awards
PTA Meeting "Meet and Greet" Thank You Breakfast
Senior Breakfast and Graduation Reception!