General Membership Vote
General Membership Vote Information
General membership votes and meetings and are held throughout the year, as needed, prior to school PTA meetings. Click on the links on the side for more information. Please make every effort to attend and vote, your opinion matters.

Thursday, October 5th, Stewart PTA Meeting, 9:30 am
General Membership Vote to approve the Garden City PTA Bylaws. The new bylaws will be in effect for a period of three years from January 2018 - January 2021. 

The only proposed change from expiring bylaws, click here, is to amend the number of GC PTA members who must be present at a meeting before any business can be transacted (voting to occur). The quorum required in these proposed bylaws is 31, an increase from 20. A quorum must always be at least two times greater than the number of offices on the Executive Committee (15).