You're Invited

Dear Parents & Families:

The December 6th Board of Education work session meeting will feature the 2016 Student Achievement Report.  Why is that something that an over-scheduled parent should attend on a chilly Tuesday night?

In short, because it is the single best opportunity to see how Garden City students are meeting the challenges of modern education!

The Student Achievement Report (SAR) is a data story that speaks to the academic work and the service and community-oriented achievements of the District’s students in primary, elementary, middle, and high school, so it is more than just test grades.  The SAR also tells us about how typical and non-typical students choose to embrace challenges such as Advanced Placement courses.   The SAR illustrates how our students serve their community by giving back to those in need.  It tells us about where they are likely to go to college and how they compare to students in similar districts on things like Regents exams, the SAT, and the ACT.

The SAR will provide insight on how our students perform on mathematics and English Language Arts exams, their work in the social studies, and their work in science classrooms and laboratories.  It tells us about the languages they work to master and their accomplishments as artists and musicians.  It tells us a lot about the return on the investment that begins when five-year-olds are dropped off for their first day of Kindergarten and ends with high school seniors’ commencement and college acceptances. 

The Student Achievement Report is a comprehensive view of the internal and comparative quantitative academic data available to the District.  It is also a human story of what students, teachers, parents, and families can do when they work in concert with one another.

I hope to see you there.


Ted Cannone, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction