Let's Celebrate

There have been some big achievements by our teachers at Locust School this year.  We are thrilled to have two of our first-grade teachers, Mrs. Elizabeth Wills and Ms. Elizabeth Maro, selected as recipients of the New York State PTA Teacher Fellowship for Graduate Study in Memory of Richard Gazzola Award (the Teacher Fellowship). The Teacher Fellowship was awarded this year to only four New York State teachers - two from Garden City!

The Teacher Fellowship was established in 1961 to “encourage excellent teachers to stay in the classroom by providing an opportunity for them to improve their teaching skills, update their professional knowledge, and expand their professional perspectives.” Mrs. Wills and Ms. Maro applied for the Teacher Fellowship back in June, and each received $3,000 to help pay for their college courses. 

Mrs. Wills, a special education teacher at Locust School, currently holds a B.S. from SUNY New Paltz in Speech and Hearing, as well as an M.S. from Dowling College in Reading and Special Education. She is furthering her studies in Literacy Instruction.

Ms. Maro, a first-grade teacher at Locust School, currently holds a B.A. from Sacred Heart University in psychology and an M.S. in Childhood Education and Special Education from Long Island University. Ms. Maro plans to pursue additional special education courses to help better serve all her students.

Mrs. Wills and Ms. Maro were honored at the 2016 Nassau Region PTA Presidents and Principals Dinner held on Monday, November 21, 2016, at the Crest Hollow Country Club. This event is attended annually by the PTA President, PTA Directors, school principals, the Superintendent of Schools, Board of Education President, and the President of the Garden City Teachers’ Association.

Several Garden City teachers have received the Teacher Fellowship. Recent recipients include Kimberly Greenwald, Katherine Squires, Robin Hatzichristos, Robyn Madden, Marissa Schwartz, and Pat Reeves.  Applications will be available on the New York State PTA’s website beginning in March 2017 and require letters of recommendation from the principal and the PTA President.

Congratulations to Mrs. Wills and Ms. Maro and all the past recipients on this great accomplishment!