Garden City Winners

2017 Garden City PTA
Reflection Winners

* Denotes entries submitted to Nassau Region PTA to compete at the region level of the competition. Eleven Nassau Region Winner - student entries advanced to the NYS PTA level of the competition. Four student entries received recognition at the NYS PTA level of the competition. Congratulations to all our Reflection students!

Garden City High School


1st Place        Cassidy Lauren Go* Nassau Region Winner, NYS PTA Award of Merit 


1st Place        Olivia Ostrowski*              

2nd Place       Caroline Hegarty* Nassau Region Winner, NYS PTA Award of Merit

3rd Place        Hallie Mallozzi                    

Honorable Mention   Gabby Yepes                     

Honorable Mention   Abigail Cox             

Honorable Mention   Allyson Kraff                      

Visual Arts                  

1st Place        Christopher Crowley* Nassau Region Winner


Garden City Middle School


1st Place        Kalei Bremer* Nassau Region Winner, NYS PTA Award of Excellence

2nd Place       Kerin Debany* Nassau Region Winner


1st Place        Emma Rose Nagler*                    

2nd Place       Caroline Egan*                  

3rd Place        Julia Brancaccio               

Honorable Mention   Molly Madigan                   

Honorable Mention   Emma Rose Nagler                      

Honorable Mention   Jeremy Geevarghese                  


1st Place        Eric Hartmann*      


1st Place        Dian Wakeham*     

2nd Place       Michael Wakeham*           

3rd Place        Naia Sampieri                    

Visual Arts                  

1st Place        Ella Labate*

2nd Place       Josephina Avellino*                     

3rd Place        Kami Bremer                      

Honorable Mention   Nina Chen               

Honorable Mention   Miles Rust              

Honorable Mention   Matthew Tusani-Eng                   


Stewart School Grades 3-5


1st Place        Julia Wang* Nassau Region Winner                                  


1st Place        Maria Gaztanaga* 


1st Place        Matthew Santos* 

2nd Place       Julia Wang              

3rd Place        Joseph Bonomi                

Honorable Mention   Claudia Gaztanaga                      

Honorable Mention   Alessandra Bonomi                     

Honorable Mention   Joseph Bonomi                


1st Place        Niko Zografos*      

2nd Place       Sara Shamail*        

3rd Place        Brooke Hopkins                

Honorable Mention   Ava Lutz                  

Honorable Mention   Nicholas Griffin                 

Honorable Mention   Bianca Frascogna            

Visual Arts                  

1st Place        Gracyn Henry* Nassau Region Winner

2nd Place       Laila Smith*

3rd Place        Costa Zografos                

Honorable Mention   Keira Regan            

Honorable Mention   Alicia Zhang                       

Honorable Mention   Lia Labate                                                

Stewart School Grade 2                  


1st Place        Austin Gaspari                  

2nd Place       Madelyn Gebhard             

3rd Place        Kaitlyn McDonald             

Honorable Mention   Kaitlyn McDonald                                                 

Visual Arts                  

1st Place        Azra Zirhli*   Nassau Region Winner

2nd Place       Sydney Rhein                    

3rd Place        Julia La Monica                 

Honorable Mention   Kate Hillman                      

Honorable Mention   Ethan Klle               


Stratford School Grades 3-5


1st Place        Riley McNaboe* Nassau Region Winner, NYS PTA Award of Excellence

2nd Place       Eli Scalere*  Nassau Region Winner

3rd Place        Emma Reis             


1st Place        Riley McNaboe                  

2nd Place       Simone Oustatcher                     

3rd Place        Weston Welsh                   

Honorable Mention   Ciaro Bice               


1st Place        Joseph Lippens*   


1st Place        Lauryn Holzkamp*

2nd Place       Isabella Scianablo

3rd Place        Julianna Scianablo           

Visual Arts         

1st Place        Clara Archer           

2nd Place       Sophie Goldstein 

3rd Place        Gracie Krawiec      

Honorable Mention   Kiera O'Leary         

Honorable Mention   Isabella Scianablo

Honorable Mention   Julianna Scianablo                                

Stratford School 2nd Grade


1st Place        Amelia Scianablo 

Visual Arts         

1st Place        Genevieve Mohan

2nd Place       Madeline Jesberger          

3rd Place        Melina Mirabella    

Honorable Mention   Annemarie McCarthy      

Honorable Mention   Casey Dennis        

Honorable Mention   Amelia Scianablo 


Hemlock School           


1st Place        Cecilia Ufret                                   


1st Place        Susanna Phinney* Nassau Region Winner                   


1st Place        Maxwell Mohsenian*       

2nd Place       Austin Maggio                               

Visual Arts         

1st Place        Brian Khan*

2nd Place       Anya Smith

3rd Place        Grace Wheeler       

Honorable Mention   Zachary Fabus       

Honorable Mention   Hannah Cianciotto          

Honorable Mention   Tyler Fisher 


Homestead School               


1st Place        Laila Rajpal 

2nd Place       Delaney McNaboe

3rd Place        Anjali Motwani       

Honorable Mention   Vivian Hu     

Honorable Mention   Riya Motwani         

Honorable Mention   Letao Tao   


1st Place        Riya Motwani*       

2nd Place       John David Scianablo     

3rd Place        Anjali Motwani       

Honorable Mention   Liam Rogers           

Honorable Mention   Laila Rajpal 

Visual Arts         

1st Place        Ryan Schmidt        

2nd Place       John David Scianablo     

3rd Place        Delaney McNaboe

Honorable Mention   Kate Davis  

Honorable Mention   Alexandra Butvick

Honorable Mention   Ruby Murphy          


Locust School               


1st Place        Abigail Hogan*

2nd Place       Paige Donohue*    

3rd Place        Scarlet Raia           

Honorable Mention   Brandon Lam         

Honorable Mention   John Maldari          

Honorable Mention   Ben Seifert 


1st Place        Lucas Fiechter       

Visual Arts         

1st Place        Brandon Lam         

2nd Place       Anna Sullivan         

3rd Place        Caiden Lang           

Honorable Mention   Lily Marten  

Honorable Mention   Reese Smith          

Honorable Mention   Marco Messi