The Executive Committee of the PTA_Budget Statement_April 20 2017

The Executive Committee of the Garden City Parent Teacher Association would like to thank the Administration and Board of Education for their hard work in preparing the 2017-18 school budget.

We would also like to thank the members of our community who took the time to advocate on behalf of our schools and public education by participating in our StandUp4GCPS campaign in March. We are confident such grassroots campaigns over the past four years have raised awareness within our community of the critical issues facing our public schools and have successfully communicated Garden City’s educational priorities to our elected representatives. In light of Washington’s educational priorities, our roles and responsibilities as public education advocates are more important than ever. We must remain vigilant and be prepared to stand up in support of public schools at any time. 

We understand the challenges you face in formulating a school budget for a public vote. A school budget must meet both our community’s high expectations for a quality education for all its students and respect its investment through the tax levy.  We appreciate that the Board of Education has put forth a school budget that preserves academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and continues to adhere to class size guidelines, allowing next year’s students to enjoy the same opportunities as this year’s students. Such year-to-year continuity is not an easy task in today’s legislative and economic environments. We commend you for once again achieving this while remaining within the tax cap limit.

Proposition II continues the allocation of the Capital Reserve Fund established by voters in 2015. If Proposition II is approved by voters in May, the Reserve will fund many much-needed capital projects throughout the district, all without issuing a bond, increasing the tax levy, or negatively impacting valued programs that might have otherwise be reduced if these capital projects had to be included in the school budget.

Since 1945, the Garden City PTA has been dedicated to advocating for each and every child’s right to have the best educational experience possible. We encourage the Board of Education, the district, and our community to continue to work together in support of our schools. Advocacy does work!  ‚Äč

The Executive Committee of the Garden City PTA supports the 2017-18 school budget and Proposition II and urges all community members to vote “YES” in support of children, education, and community on May 16th.

The Executive Committee of the Garden City PTA